About Us


Who is the team behind Horse Beach Rides? Who are our guides? What about our horses, how many do we have, what breeds are they, how old are they? Well hopefully some of these questions can be answered here.



We have been operating since

Terrence and Karin Byrne

1995 (so yes that’s over 20 years), as a small, family run business. Owned and operated by Terrence and Karin Byrne. Originally starting on the Bluff doing horse riding lessons with beach rides as a side option, over time the lessons fizzled out and beach and trail rides became our main focus. Now Terrence & Karin’s daughter, Amelia does much of the admin and guiding. As a team, keeping the rides personal and as high standard as possible.


While Amelia does much of the guiding, we also have a number of other guides. Most of whom are young ladies who join us after school and on the weekends. They are all experienced horse riders who can handle most situations with ease, and have been trained on how to care for clients and ensure safety is still our highest priority.



Of course the most important thing to keep this amazing company running are the horses. We currently have 16 horses. Their ages range from 5 yrs old up to a 30 yr old horse. Breeds range from thoroughbred to warmblood, Lipizzaner to Basuto, and a number of crossbreeds. While we do have 2 ex-racehorses, we are not interested in the racing scene, and have never done racing with any of our horses. Most of the horses we have at the moment are ones we bred ourselves and trained to do trail riding.
We keep the horses cared for in the most natural way we possibly can, with the wonderful Durban climate this means they can live outdoors in a herd environment. We bring them in daily though for health check and meals.

Some of the herd