Carriage Rides

The feeling of stepping back a hundred years in time, the romance of being a king and queen on a carriage, the beauty of enjoying a horse experience without having to actually ride a horse. All this and much more is possible with a horse drawn carriage. Every Carriage Ride package includes the horse, carriage and trained driver.

Country Road

Info: The basic package we are offering is a +-1 hour “country lane” ride up to 3 clients (maximum combined weight 200kgs) for a fun carriage ride. Head up the quiet and peaceful road, try out driving, get some awesome photos and selfies, and feel like you’ve really stepped out into the country.
Duration: 45 – 60 minutes
Cost: R450 base price (we do not charge per person for the carriage ride)


Country Lane & Deluxe Forest Picnic
Info: Enjoy a 45 – 60 minute “country lane” carriage ride. Upon return to our farm, Upon return to our farm, you are handed a picnic basket filled with yummy foods and a picnic blanket and directed to a nice spot in the forest for a +-1 hour picnic (Deluxe Picnic Menu).
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: R850 for a couple or R930 for 3 persons (maximum combined weight 200kgs)


The Secret Garden Carriage Ride
Info: This has been specifically designed with romantic couples in mind. Take a 45-60 minute Carriage ride. Upon return, we point out a chalk board with your names; follow the path from the chalkboard through the trees, around a corner to a “Secret Garden” style luxurious decorated picnic (Deluxe Picnic Menu).
Includes Picnic Blanket and cushions, hearts and silk roses for decor, other romantic decor, rose petals, bouquet of roses, some light draping to soften the “rustic” effect, and your picnic meal. Spend an hour enjoying your meal and if you wish, having a few photos taken, and then head off to your next exciting adventure.
Duration: 2 hours
Costs: R2000 per couple (maximum combined weight 200kgs)


The Concrete River and Beach Carriage Ride

Info: This +-4 hour adventure will take you down the country road and through a fun and exciting tunnel bridge. You will need to climb off for a short section (40 meters) while we get the horse and cart safely down the driveway into the concrete river, then mount up again and ride along the waterside, watching the birds and enjoying the different view of Durban. At the end of the concrete rider, the carriage stops at the edge of the beach (not safe to go onto the beach with the carriage), where you are handed a Picnic Basket full of delectable goodies (Deluxe Picnic Menu) to eat and drink and a blanket to sit on. We wait for you to enjoy your picnic for +-45 minutes before returning to the farm on the same route while enjoying the sunset.
Duration: 4 hours
R1800 per couple (maximum combined weight of 200kgs) and includes the meal and carriage ride.
Or R1600 Includes carriage ride, and champagne at the beach.