Beach & Bush        In Season                   Out Of Season
Snacks & Splash    R645pp                            R595pp

Non-Stop                R545pp                            R495pp
Deluxe Picnic          R790pp                            R740pp
Sundowner             R660pp                            R620pp


Beach Only Trails  In Season                     Out Of Season
Snacks & Splash   R685pp                           R645pp

Non-Stop               R585pp                           R545pp


Bush Trails            In Season                     Out Of Season
Horse Experience R400pp                           R350pp

Forest Picnic         R500pp                           R470pp
Secret Garden       R2300 per couple         R2000 per couple


Carriage Rides                             Priced per group
Country Lane                                 R450 for up to 3 clients
Country Lane & Picnic                  R850 per couple
Country Lane & Secret Garden    R2000 per couple
Concrete River                               R1800 per couple


Extras                     In Season               Out Of Season
Unedited Photos     R100 for cd             R100 for cd
Flower Bouquet      R250                         R150
Children <12 yrs     R180 extra               R150 extra


2017 In Season Rates apply for the following dates: 2017 Out of Season dates apply for the following dates:
February 09 – February 18 January 15 – February 09
April  1 – May 2 February 19 – March 31
July 01 – July 24 May 3 – June 30
August 6 – August 10 July 25 – September 21
September 22 – October 9 October 10 – December 01
December 1 – January 15 2018
In Season we are normally do
riding on Thursdays- Tuesday. Wednesdays are NEVER available
 Out of season we are ONLY open on   Fridays to Sundays for riding. We   may be willing to make special   arrangement for during the week   however.
 Wednesdays are NEVER  available


All our regular Terms and Conditions as seen on our website at http://horsebeachrides.com/ts-cs apply to anyone wishing to ride with us.



IMPORTANT: Please note that children under 12 years of age are charged an additional R150 so that we can arrange dedicated guides to purely look after them.