December 2017

PLEASE NOTE – Due to the beaches being over crowded with holiday makers on December 26th and on January 1st, we will only be offering BUSH RIDES and CARRIAGE RIDES on these dates.
We will however be open for Beach Rides on December 25th.

This December we’ve had many requests for our Beach Only rides, so we have decided to offer a discount on our Beach Only rides!
And for those who still want to do the full Beach and Bush experience, this is available at no additional costs.

Beach Only Rides

If time, energy, or preference means you would rather not join us for a full 12km trail, you can meet us at the beach instead for a Beach Only ride.

The Snacks & Splash Beach Ride

Info: This option is unique to Horse Beach Rides, you get to enjoy a fabulous beach ride with extra fun at the Beach. After your ride along the beach, we take the saddles off the horses and you get to take them for a roll in the sand and to splash around in the waves. Afterwards, you get to enjoy light refreshments of fruit juice, water, chips and in-season fruit (if available).
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: R645 per person (was R685pp)

The Non-Stop Beach Ride

Info: This will be your basic horse ride along the beach with no frills, just you and the horse (and guide) enjoying a ride along the beautiful beaches Durban South offers.
Duration: 1 hours
Price: R545 per person (was R585pp)

The Deluxe Picnic Beach Ride

Info: This option is well suited to couples and groups celebrating a special event, you get to enjoy a fabulous beach ride followed by a picnic lunch. When you climb off for your break at the beach, you are given a Picnic Basket filled with delectable foods and a blanket to sit on, so you can go pick a spot to enjoy your meal.
Duration: +-2 hours
Price: R790 per person (was R830pp)
Also available as a sunset option

The Sundowner Beach Ride

Info: This package is fabulous for those awesome summer sunsets that Durban gets. We start the ride in the late afternoon, timing it just right so that you can enjoy the beach when the sun is setting. After riding along the beach in the golden hues of sunset, hop off your horses and enjoy a glass of bubbly to celebrate a day well spent.
Duration: +- 1.5 hours
Price: R645 per person (was R680pp)