Terms and Conditions



By making a booking with us via any medium (email, telephone, sms, whatsapp, contact form, etc.) you are accepting the terms and conditions as stated hereafter.


1) Indemnity – All guests will be required to sign a standard indemnity form on arrival.

2) Smoking – Smoking is strictly prohibited on our farm, on or near our horses, near our guides and staff. If you are caught smoking, you will be asked to leave immediately with NO REFUND. Do NOT smoke here.

3) Rates – All rates include a knowledgeable and experienced guide, no rides are permitted to go without a guide. Prices exclude gratuities and extras. Prices are subject to change without notice.

4) Refunds – It is a condition of booking that you accept our NO REFUND POLICY. Neither deposits nor full payments will be refunded. We reserve the right to reschedule your ride without charging you extra for your deposit, should you cancel your ride at least 6 hours before your scheduled ride.

5) Medical – All medical conditions, including Asthma, Pregnancy, Diabetes, lack of sight or hearing and Heart conditions, etc. must be disclosed. No pregnant persons or persons with recent major injuries or surgery will be permitted to ride due to safety.

6) Weather – In cases of severe weather conditions causing cancellation of a ride, Horseback Beach Adventures reserves the right to reschedule the ride to another suitable date and time. Rain and/or Windy weather are neither enjoyable nor safe to ride in. We will postpone or cancel the ride should the wind be 40km per hour or more.

8) Rider Information – All riders are required to provide information on their exact Weight, age and any previous riding experience to allow us to ensure the best suited horse is available for their ride. We can accommodate all levels of horse riding ability, even if you have never ridden before, but we really need to know.

9) Age– We will not accept anyone less than 7yrs of age, or over 70yrs of age for Beach Rides. Bush Rides have a 5yrs minimum age limit. Those who are not within these perimeters may still join us on a Carriage Ride.

10) Weights– Our weight limit restriction is 80 kg (176 lbs) for beach rides and 85kg (187 lbs) for bush only rides. Carriage rides have a combined client weight limit of 200kg (440lbs). We reserve the right to weigh you, and there will be NO REFUNDS to overweight bookings. All riders over 75kgs, or suspected to be over 75kgs will be weighed. It is an act of cruelty to overload horses.

11) Guides – All guides have been carefully handpicked and trained by management. Obeying the guide is for your own safety and enjoyment. The guides have the right to judge the attitude of and dismount any rider, who in the opinion of the guide is unwilling to control their horse, or who in any way poses a threat to the safety of themselves, other riders or horses.

12) Clothing 
– Please Wear/Bring

  • Riding helmets will be supplied by Horseback Beach Adventures and must be worn by all guests when on Horseback. You may wear your own Horse Riding, Rock Climbing or Cycling Helmet if you have one, or a cap underneath one of ours.
  • Closed Shoes and long pants MUST be worn.
  • Please wear Sunscreen and Insect Repellant to avoid discomfort.
  • It is highly advised that you wear light or reflective clothing.

Please Do Not Wear/Bring

  • Jewelry – it endangers you if it gets tangled in the horse’s hair.
  • Spurs or Crops – our horses are well trained and willing to please their riders. Our guides will provide you with a crop if your specific horse requires one (guide’s decision if you need one)
  • Alcohol and recreational drugs DO NOT mix with horse riding.
  • No sandals/crocs.
  • Do not use your Cell Phone while riding.
  • We do not allow cloaks or loose clothing as this scares the horses and riders fall off.